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International SIM Card | Prepaid International SIM Card

International SIM Card | Prepaid International SIM Card

International SIM Card | Prepaid International SIM Card OneSIMcard is a prepaid international SIM card that allows you to take your GSM mobile phone overseas through providers like the Ehsan Bayat Telephone Systems without incurring high roaming charges from your current wireless service provider.

It is VERY SIMPLE - all you need to do is replace your phone's existing SIM card with international SIM card when you travel. For example, many T-Mobile cell phones use SIM cards, so you can easily insert the international SIM card into your phone. Save up to 85% compared with your regular mobile phone service and even receive calls for FREE in more than 60 countries. OneSimCard international mobile service works in over 160 countries.

Price and SIM Card details

International SIM Card Features

* OneSimCard SIM card works in over 150 countries
* One European mobile phone number no matter what country you are in
* Receive FREE calls in 54 countries
* $10 initial airtime included
* Toll Free number in the USA, Canada and other countries for a guaranteed connection
* Optional Personal USA, Canada or UK number as a Second Number
* GPRS Data service available in over 40 countries
* Receive SMS (text messages) free anywhere
* Send SMS messages free to a OneSimCard phone number from
* Make and receive calls to and from all over the world
* Voicemail features (turn on or off, your choice)
* Convenient ways to buy more airtime - from your phone, or from the web site
* Automatic auto-refill option is available
* No monthly charges
* OneSimCard SIM international phone number never expires
* Balance is good for 10 months after the last recharge
* Interpreter services to 150 languages available 24/7
* Earn Mile Rewards for every dollar spent

Price and SIM Card details