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South America... the name alone conjures up an array of breathtaking images. It captures your imagination with the majestic Andes blessed with mountains, valleys and volcanoes of sheer beauty.

It seduces your senses with a lush rainforest full of life and passion. For those of you yearning to become one with this mystical continent I can tell you that it is a magical place where myth and legend continue to walk hand in hand.

I've traveled 18 months non-stop in South America. The journey took me from Caracas, Venezuela, to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Cotopaxi - Ecuador Besides traveling for such a long time I also lived just over 2 years in La Plata, Argentina, and you will not be surprised if I tell you that I know South America by heart. It is an enchanting continent with a diversity beyond imagination.

As I've received a lot of questions from people of how they should prepare themselves to embark on a travel adventure to South America I decided to set up a website which can make the decision making on your part easier.

I had never been on a long distance flight when I decided one day to go and travel in South America. There were some books that had captured my imagination and I still remember that especially the shroud of mystery worked like a magnet.

Must See South America Travel Places

Buenos Aires Cuzco Rio de Janeiro
Buenos Aires Cuzco Rio de Janeiro
Galapagos Islands Machu Picchu Lake Titicaca
Galapagos Islands Machu Picchu Lake Titicaca
Patagonia Santa Catalina Easter Island
Patagonia Santa Catalina Monastery Easter Island

Gorgeous shepherd girl with dog - Peru Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines, the Galapagos Islands, Lake Titicaca, the rainforest, The Incas, Easter Island... there was a strong inner compulsion to experience, to breath, to touch these unknown territories. And that music, the amazing artists from Brazil. Words cannot describe the beauty of an art that is so abstract yet so compelling to the soul.

Maybe this is your first visit and you just want some general information, or you're in doubt of how and where to start. Just go to Backpacking South America: How to Start to get started. There you'll find a map, lots of travel advice and a list of the "must see" places.

Titicaca Lake - Bolivia You'll find details on embarking on a tour, find the ski spot you were looking for, where to fish piranhas in the Amazon Basin or how to climb the highest active volcano of the world (yes, it's in South America). If you're focused on one country just click on your destination on the top of this page.

If it hits you suddenly that you´re completely lost (that's when real adventure starts) just click on the "Home" button and you land right on this page again.

Travel in South America and cherish all the wonderful attractions this continent has to offer. Whatever way you choose to explore this amazing continent, be it on your own or in one of the many amazing South America tours available, South America will capture your heart forever.

Buen viaje! Boa viajem!


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