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Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish Online

Rocket Languages is one of the leaders to learn Spanish online with their downloadable language-learning product. Formed in 2004, Rocket Languages now offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic and American Sign Language.

With Rocket Languages Learning Spanish online is VERY EASY - all you need to do is to devote some time to make it work.
Learn Spanish Online

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Rocket Spanish Premium Makes It Easy to Learn Spanish Online

* Speak and improve your Spanish with every lesson, by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations
* 32-lesson Interactive Audio Course,
* Speak Spanish naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works,
* 31 Language & Culture Lessons that include embedded audio, activities and more,
* Build your Spanish vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common Spanish words and phrases (and have fun at the same time!) with the MegaSpanish software games,
* Know how much your Spanish has improved with the Rocket Spanish interactive quizzes and Rocket Rehearsal self-tests,
* Boost your Spanish-speaking confidence by getting certified with the Rocket Spanish Certificate Tests!
* Have all your Spanish language questions answered by the Rocket Spanish teachers, native speakers and fellow Spanish learners in the Rocket Spanish Forum – open 24/7!
* Make the most of your precious time to learn Spanish online: your course is made up of easy-to-manage sections and user-friendly navigation that guide you on the recommended learning path - and you won't forget which lesson you're up to or where you're headed next because we've included helpful progress tracking.

Price and course details