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Whale Watching in Argentina

One of the most beautiful experiences the fabulous wildlife reserve of Península Valdés has to offer is the whale watching tour. Small boats take you amongst one of the largest mammals of our planet - the Southern Right Whale. This magnificent animal heads over to the warm waters of the city of whales, Puerto Madryn (the biggest town in Peninsula Valdez) in Patagonia Argentina, to breed.

Southern right whales can be found in Golfo Nuevo and Golfo San José, protected bodies of water located between the peninsula and the Patagonian mainland of Argentina. These baleen whales come here between May and December, for mating and giving birth, because the water in the gulf is quieter and warmer than in the open sea. Orcas can be found off the coast, in the open sea off the Peninsula Valdez.

The Southern right whale is a massive mammal. It can measure up to 18 meters (59 feet) and weigh up to 50 tonnes. The whales can be seen from the beach a short walk away from the city of Puerto Madryn but nothing beats the whale watching tour available from Puerto Pyramides. The spectacle, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List, can be a crowded undertaking. The scene attracted more than 100,000 tourists last year alone from all over the world.

How to join a whale watching tour?

You can experience the beauty of the Southern Right Whale by either joining one of the many wonderful organized Patagonia Tours or by getting there on your own.

Organized Tours

Have a look at the following Patagonia tours that have whale watching in their itinerary:

Patagonia Tours

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TRAVEL TO: Argentina - Chile
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Patagonia High Road Patagonia High Road Tour - SA29
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TRAVEL TO: Chile - Argentina - Uruguay - Brazil
51 Days Price and Tour Details

On Your Own

Go to Puerto Madryn, the city of whales in Argentina, and catch a ride to Puerto Pyramides where whale watching tour boats are awaiting you. This is a must do! Very, very beautiful experience!

The whale watching tour boats take you to the whales in minutes, they're right there for you to enjoy. You can almost touch the wonderful animals. The whales are very curious, especially the youngsters, and they come and swim right next to the boat.

© All photographs by Mark Van Overmeire