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For those of you seeking nature of sheer beauty, Chile must be your destination. The surreal Atacama desert in the North and Patagonia (Torres del Paine), a mesmerizing landscape in the South will conquer your adventurous spirit. The country is known in the rest of the world for its excellent wine and authors Isabel Allende and Pablo Neruda.


Santiago de Chile Santiago is the capital of Chile and the biggest city in the country. It's surrounded by the Cerro San Cristobal, a mountain over 800 meters (2,625 feet). On top, overlooking the city, is a Virgin statue that can be seen from many parts of the city.

The center of Santiago is the city's soul. Many colonial buildings such as the cathedral, the post office, the city hall (all on the Plaza de Armas) and la Casa Colorada (the Colored House) make for an excellent contrast for the typical neighborhoods.

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Calle Dieciocho (18th Street), el Barrio Concha y Toro, the houses of Avenida República, Virgin Opazo Street and the passages Lucrecia valdés, Adriana Cousiño and Hurtado Rodríguez have been declared National Monuments.

If you want to escape the smog and/or traffic that can choke the city sometimes you can hang out in the various parks such as O'Higgins, Forestal and Bicentenario.

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Valparaiso - Chile Valparaíso is Chile's joy and pride. It's a popular destination for dreamers and lovers alike. In 2002, UNESCO designated Valparaíso a World Heritage Site. The city is 115km (71 miles) northwest of Santiago; 8km (5 miles) south of Viña del Mar.

The atmosphere is quite bohemian with multicolored clapboard homes and Victorian mansions. The maze of narrow passageways and sinuous streets that seem to be part of ravine and hillsides are just wonderful to explore.

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Easter Island

Maoi statues - Easter Island, Chile Mysterious and exciting, Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui and Isla de Pascua) is the most isolated inhabited island of our planet. It lies in the South Pacific, 3,600 km. (2,037 miles) west from continental Chile.

Easter Island is covered with 887 huge monolithic stone statues, called moai. The largest moai weigh about 84 tons - that's as much as a herd of 12 seven-ton elephants! The oldest known traditional name of the island is Te Pito or Te Henua, meaning ‘The Center (or Navel) of the World'.

It's unclear why the islanders erected the moai and what their function was. A mystery to cherish all the way.

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Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine - Patagonia, Chile

Torres Del Paine is a wonder of nature. Declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978, the Torres del Paine National Park, (located in the Chilean Patagonia) is one of the most mesmerizing places on the planet.

The park is located in the South of Chile and can be visited from the nearby cities Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales. For those of you seeking an unmatched travel adventure in Chile, Torres del Paine will challenge your wildest dreams.

The major attraction of the park is the Paine Massif composed mostly of granite and has been around for about 12 million years. The Torres del Paine are three sheer granite towers (see picture), that make a challenging and much wanted prize for experienced climbers.

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Isabel Allende

The books of novel writer Isabel Allende (especially "The House of the Spirits") are a must read if you want to have a better understanding of Chilean society. She's the niece of Salvador Allende who was the President of Chile from 1970 until his death during the violent coup d'état of 1973 when military dictator Pinochet took over the country.


For detailed information on Chile please consult the excellent Wikipedia article of Chile.


Special note: I'd like to thank the Kuscic family from Punta Arenas for their hospitality and friendship (and for arranging a ride to Ushuaia!).



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Santiago de Chile Patagonia Easter Island

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