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Argentina: Getting There

From the USA and Canada

There are surprisingly few flights to Argentina from the US, but you should be able to find a fairly convenient direct flight to Buenos Aires. Several airlines offer daily non-stop flights, including American Airlines, United and Aerolíneas Argentinas, the Argentine national airline.

Typical Apex fares start at US$860/1160 from New York/Newark in low season, US$745 from Miami, and US$1180 from Chicago. Flying times to Buenos Aires are around eleven hours from New York and Chicago, and nine from Miami.

There's even less choice if you're flying from Canada, with Canadian Airlines offering the only direct flight into the country - from Toronto via São Paulo (with connections from other major Canadian cities). You'll find a considerably more flexible itinerary if you look for connecting flights with a US carrier.

Direct flights from Toronto take around thirteen hours and prices start at CAN$1625 in low season; via Vancouver, the journey time is around eighteen hours, and deals start from around CAN$1865.

From the UK and the rest of Europe

Buenos Aires has long been one of the most expensive destinations for flights from the UK and the rest of Europe. Fortunately, prices have become more competitive in recent years and look set to drop further.

Fares currently start at around £300 in low season, ie in spring and autumn, rising steeply to around £600 in the high season, namely around the end of the year and during the Northern summer.

Anyone with loads of time and good sea legs might like to arrive the old-fashioned way, by ship. This is usually quite expensive and less stylish than it sounds, but it's the perfect option for those who can't face a thirteen-hour flight.

From Australia and New Zealand

Not surprisingly, the best deals to Argentina are offered by Aerolíneas Argentinas and Lan-Chile in conjunction with Qantas and Air New Zealand, either direct to Buenos Aires or via a stopover in Santiago.

To get to other destinations in Argentina, such as Río Gallegos, Ushuaia and El Calafate, you're looking at either an add-on fare or air pass from either of these two cities.

There are also plenty of flights via the USA, but only United Airlines is scheduled through to Buenos Aires - other airlines tend to offer much more time-consuming and expensive routings, as each sector has to be costed separately.

Round-the-World tickets that include Buenos Aires, and Circle America fares, are also quite expensive, but can be worthwhile if you have the time to make the most of a few stopovers.

In Australia, most flights to Argentina leave from Sydney, though there's also a couple a week out of Brisbane and Melbourne. The most direct route to Buenos Aires is shared between Aerolíneas Argentinas and Qantas via Auckland while Air New Zealand/Lan-Chile's routings are a little more long-winded, flying via Auckland, Papeete, Easter Island and Santiago (as flying time is around twenty hours you may want to take advantage of the one free stopover allowed each way).

From New Zealand, as from Australia, your best bet is with Qantas, Aerolíneas Argentinas or Air New Zealand/Lan-Chile. You can also travel via the US with United Airlines, who fly to Buenos Aires from Sydney and Auckland via either Los Angeles or San Francisco, and Miami.

If you plan to do a fair amount of traveling within Argentina (or to other South American countries), think about buying an air pass with your main ticket. These passes offer substantial savings, but can be bought only outside South America with your international ticket.

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