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Mendoza is a wonderful year-round destination. For wine lovers Mendoza is a must as the region produces some of the fines wines of the world. This is La tierra del sol y buen vino (Land of sun and good wine). Mendoza produces 70% of the countries wine. but that's not all there is.

Around Mendoza lies Cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain of the Americas with a staggering 21,955 feet (6,692 m.). Aconcagua is the top destinations for highly experienced mountain climbers around the world.

The city is covered with giant trees. They offer a welcome shadow from the never relenting summer sun. Mendoza is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Argentina. There are 5 beautiful central plazas, many outdoor cafés, a shopping district and Avenida Aristides Villanueva is the place to be for exciting nightlife.

Wine lovers will be in paradise here. The best wines can be tasted everywhere. Every bar, restaurant, store and hotel offer wine of the finest quality.

And for the adventurous trekking and climbing aficionado this place is absolutely breathtaking. Mendoza is famous for Cerro Aconcagua and for the Cordón del Plata with peaks of 16,000 and 20,000 feet (5,000 and 6,000 m.) and important rock-climbing areas.

Attractions of Mendoza

As wine country the Mendoza province offers many wineries who offer tours and tasting.

Puente del Inca
One of Argentina's most breathtaking wonders. A stone bridge over the Rio de Las Cuevas at an altitude of 8 920 feet (2,720 m.).

Los Penitentes
Offers down-hill and cross-country skiing at an altitude of 8,460 feet (2,580 m.).

White-water rafting
A 35 minute hectic rafting ride can be undertaken on the Mendoza and the Diamante rivers.

Cerro Aconcagua
The highest mountain of the Americas with a staggering 21,955 feet (6,692 m.)

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